How much do our conversation sessions cost?

Ok, so not so much of a catchy title, but this is something that everyone wants to know, right? And we have a very simple pricing strategy.

Our methodology doesn't follow a traditional lesson format, and so we always offer the first session as a free taster. That means that people can try our method and see if it suits them. That way, you've got nothing to lose and possibly lots to gain!

Sessions thereafter cost £9 if they are pre-booked or £12.50 on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. Again, moving away from tradition, we don't ask people to pay per term, as we know how busy life can get and people might not want to get locked-in to sessions they can't attend. If people pre-book, we ask them to pay for a month's worth of sessions in advance, and if people can't attend their usual session, they can attend a different one in French or Spanish as there are multiple sessions on each week. Equally, we'll let you know with lots of notice if we are not running a session due to holidays, bank holidays etc.

Some people still prefer the Pay-As-You-Go option, and that's absolutely fine. We're all about flexibility here and want to make this as easy as possible for our attendees.

Are there any other costs?

No, there are no other costs. We send out materials each week, but this is done electronically so there are no physical materials to buy. Occasionally, we provide explainer videos, but these are just on our public YouTube channel, and the material we put onto Quizlet is also freely available to anyone, whether or not they attend our sessions.

What's more, if you want to 'turbo charge' your language-learning journey, you're more than welcome to attend a second session of the same language in a week at no extra cost. The crib sheets will be the same, but you'll be talking to different people.

What's the payment method?

Our preferred payment option is via GoCardless, which is an online payment system. It is very easy to set up and track payments. However, if you feel it's not for you, please get in touch. There is always a solution to any obstacles...

What next?

If you have any questions, please give us a ring on 07776 234691 or send an email to And why not read the article about how our sessions are run... or just come along and find out at your free taster session...

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