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Reviews and Testimonials
We love what we do, and it seems we're not the only ones...

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Here's what people say about our conversation groups:


"We have just returned from our annual trip to Paris in the Spring time, which was very nice week end. The purpose of the message is to say that you would have been proud of her linguistic performance, I just stand by open mouthed as she engages with the locals in the usual day to day communications. Your collective efforts have really paid off, and recalling earlier years, her confidence and range have improved beyond measure since she started your class!"


"Had such an amazing time learning the Spanish Lingo. It was fun and easy to follow. Came in so useful on our family trip to the beautiful mountains in Spain. Angela is a great linguist. Her technique to learn is easy to follow and put in practice. I was able to have a full conversation in Spanish with my new friend Ana.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lively Languages! Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!"


"A fun and lively way to learn a new language and practice conversation skills, in a fun, friendly, and safe atmosphere. Suitable for all levels."

Lisa H

"I am finding my sessions with Lively Languages in Petersfield for French really useful. Weekly practice of conversation is the way forward to give confidence to speak when you get to France ! The online grammar course is also useful!!"


"Excellent way to improve your language skills. Angela is a great teacher, full of enthusiasm and great ideas along with endless patience. I have enjoyed both the inter-cambio sessions and the courses and found them incredibly useful. I will definitely be back when I the weekly schedule calms down again."


"Lively Languages is such a great opportunity for me to practice and improve my French. As a Languages Tutor for children my teaching focus is always for their level so find these classes with Angela brilliant for updating my conversational French in a really fun and sociable way. We meet at Brasserie Blanc in Farnham on Wednesday mornings or sometimes I go to the The Woolpack pub in Elstead in the evening instead. Both are great settings and I love meeting up with everyone. Merci! A bientot."

Louise T

"The sessions are something I really look forward to every week. It's a joy to speak French with like-minded people. I'm fairly proficient, but there is always a new phrase or word that comes up each time. It doesn't matter what level you are, everyone can hold a conversation using the scripts. It's a fantastic method of gaining confidence to speak in a safe, friendly environment. And Angela is one of the best teachers I've come across!"


"It is so rare to get the chance to speak French on a regular basis. These weekly sessions are informal so when the tongue does trip up it doesn't matter. Because of the repetition I have found common colloquial phrases are beginning to stick in my mind. I like the fact that each group is doing the same subjects so if you cannot make your regular session you can go to another instead. Well worth trying!"


"I wish there were stars for more than excellent to recommend Lively Languages. I have learnt so much, the groups are fun, sociable and relevant to a foreign language spoken as it should be, naturally and not by rote.

Angela is amazing, dedicated, professional and approachable, I look forward to attending more groups and recommending Lively Languages to everybody."


"I love the conversational sessions with Lively Languages. They're really useful for learning new phrases and expressions that you don't find in textbooks or classes. The scripts are pre-prepared so you can start with little knowledge of the language but then when you go 'off piste' it can be quite a challenge to express yourself even when you are confident with the language. You are always learning and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. I never miss the weekly meeting unless I can't help it. Merci beaucoup!"

In Farnham...

Big French Speak July 2017.jpg

and in France!

Cherbourg July 2017.JPG

And from our Big French Speaks...

"A thoroughly enjoyable evening! Good conversations with familiar faces and new friends! Particularly good to be able to sit down for a convivial meal afterwards." Jenny

"Really enjoyed the evening. Was great to meet people from the different groups and to have a chance to get to know people from my 'home' group better." Louise

"What a lovely evening had by all, you must be very proud to see all that enthusiasm." Rosie

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