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LivelyLanguages is an innovative French, Spanish and German language school originally set up in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex - and now we're on Zoom as well as face to face, you can join us from anywhere - from Aberdeen to Birmingham to London to Penzance, via New York!

Our classes are so sociable and such fun that we refuse to call them classes - they're sessions, and we've taken learning out of school and made it virtual or it takes place in pubs!


We think you'll love the sessions, but don't take our word for it! The first session is free, so you can see if this is for you. To book your free session, click on a language below...

French conversation sessions are: Mondays, 7pm, Wednesdays, 9.20am, 1.30pm, 7.30pm, Fridays 9.30am and 11am

French debating is on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 9.30am

French grammar sessions are Tuesdays at 9.30am, Thursdays at 9.30am and Fridays 1-2pm.

Spanish sessions are: Wednesdays 10.30am, 6.30pm and Fridays 10am

Spanish grammar sessions are the third Tuesday of the month at 9.30am

German: Wednesdays 8pm (the second and fourth Wednesday each month)

Click on the blue button for a more detailed  article about how our sessions run: 

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