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Below, French is the example, but all information is relevant for the German and Spanish sessions too.

I studied French a long time ago at school. Are these sessions suitable for me?
Absolutely! We find that people never really forget the French they’ve learnt, and we provide the scripts beforehand on Quizlet, so you can prepare as much or as little as you like.
What do you mean by scripts?
The scripts are short conversations that are in French and English. You can decide whether to read the French or to read the English (so you remember what to say) and to simultaneously translate into French.
How do the sessions work?
In an hour-long session, we practise two conversations; one is a ‘formal’ transactional conversation, for example in a bakery, and the other is a conversation between friends. After the facilitator has read the script to everyone, people are put into the breakout rooms in pairs for 4 minutes. This is enough time to practise the conversation and ad lib a little, as the conversations end with an open question. 
With regards to the open-ended question, am I expected to speak spontaneously in French?
That’s up to you. You’ll have seen the open-ended question beforehand and you can either prepare a response or ask your partner to practise the conversation again. People are very relaxed and don’t mind doing this at all.
I’m not very confident at speaking French. Will I feel awkward?
No, definitely not. Our sessions are friendly and supportive, and you only ever speak with one other person in a breakout room at any time. Also, you can look at the scripts as much as you want (and the beauty of Zoom is that no-one will ever know!)
I am a beginner in French. Is that a problem?
No, not at all. We send out the scripts beforehand so you can gem up as much as you want. If there is a specific grammar focus to a conversation, we often include an explainer video or a link to an explanation. If all else fails, you can use the panic button and we’ll get back to you!
I see there are links to Quizlet. What is Quizlet?
Quizlet is an online learning platform. We put our scripts onto Quizlet and then you can practise the vocabulary using the online activities. Personally, I like the flashcards, match and write activities.
After the free taster session, do I have to sign up for a term?
No you don’t. We know that termly payments don’t work for everyone. What we do ask is that you pay for your next month’s sessions at the beginning of the month at £9 a session. This quantity can change monthly, so if you’re going away, you can just pay for two sessions, for example. You might choose to just pre-pay for three sessions a month, or two – we try to make this as flexible as possible.
What happens if I can't attend a session I've paid for?
We’ll have sent you the scripts and Quizlet links in any case, so you can still work on your French, and (except for German), there are other sessions running in that same week, so you can attend a different session.
What if my schedule is so hectic that I don’t want to pre-pay?
That’s not a problem, we have a Pay-After-You-Go option at £12.50.
I want to get all the practice I can. What can I do?
You can attend as many sessions as you like of the same language in the same week. The conversations will be the same, but you’ll be talking to different people and the off-piste conversation will be probably very different.
Is there a chance to ask questions?
Yes, after the four-minutes in a breakout room, we reconvene in the general area, where questions are encouraged. If you have a specific question, the chances are that others have the same one!
I’m not very techie. Will I cope?
Yes, you will. If you’re concerned, we can meet on Zoom beforehand so that you can check everything is working. You can attend the session via Zoom on your mobile, tablet or computer. All you need to do is click on the link we send out on Friday afternoons. The facilitator manages the breakout rooms. 
If there is a certain scenario I'd like to practise, what can I do?
We have banks of scripts and have lots of scenarios covered, but we’re always happy to write a specific one for you – feel free to ask!
How do you send the scripts to us?
We email them on a Friday as PDF’s. You can then either print them, or during the session you can read them off another device.
I’m keen to give this a go. What do I do now?
Send us an email, indicating which language you’d like to speak, and we’ll send you the scripts and Zoom links. After your free taster session, you can decide whether you’d like to continue (most people do!)
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