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Will my French be good enough?

Now, if someone gave me £1 every time I was asked this question, I wouldn't need to work anymore!

But the question is an interesting one, as it assumes that in our sessions, people will be judged and graded on the quality of their French (or German, or Spanish.) And that is a throwback to learning in a school setting where that was always the case.

However, LivelyLanguages is set up to be the antithesis of that! Ours is a sociable, fun and supportive setting, where no-one is judged or graded. You're likely to get complimented, of course, as you'll be making great progress, but the philosophy behind these sessions is to be able to communicate and interact with others. As we work in pairs, I can guarantee that most people aren't thinking about the quality of your language, but what they are going to say and, as we only chat in pairs for four minutes before changing partners, it doesn't matter whether the two people chatting have the same level of language or not.

And let's remember that there is lots of help for those who'd like it: you can become familiar with the language before the session by doing the activities on Quizlet, you can read the crib sheets in the foreign language or in English (and simultaneously translate the English) and you can prepare for the open-ended question and even Google-translate some ideas.

However, unlike school, none of this is homework, obligatory or graded. We have people who just wing it on the day, and that works well too! The greatest favour you can do yourself is just turn up and get stuck in. You won't find more friendly people that those who attend LivelyLanguages, and your French, German or Spanish will improve enormously as you'll be enjoying yourself! But don't just take my word for it... sign up here

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