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5 reasons why we should love Quizlet

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Quizlet is an online learning tool that was the brainchild of an American adolescent, Andrew Sutherland. He devised Quizlet to help him revise his French vocabulary test, which he then aced. However, its popularity has spread but not just amongst teachers and students. It is now well-liked and used all over the world by 20 million people each month.

Here are 5 reasons why we should love Quizlet:

1. It's free

Anyone can use Quizlet and upload material onto it. There is an option to upgrade but the free version is good.

2. Others may have already uploaded what you are looking for

There is a very useful search facility and quite often, someone else will have already uploaded something that you were thinking of uploading. Plus, you are sometimes able to edit other people's material. And you can find material on all sorts of subjects, not just languages. I've just looked for and found a set of flashcards on the A level biology topic of lipids and another on presidents of the United States!

3. Quizlet accommodates all learning styles

Whatever your learning style, Quizlet ensures you can use it. Thus there are flashcards with sound for the visual and auditory learners, match for the kinaesthetic ones and learn for the people who learn through reading and writing. Most people find that their learning style is a blend of one or more of the above, so it's worth varying the exercises.

4. Quizlet keeps you up to date with your progress

You are given a score for each activity and in the case of 'write', if you have missed or added punctuation, a capital letter or a superfluous word, you are able to use the 'overwrite' function and so you are not penalised for these so-called errors.

5. You can become a member of a class.

You can request to join a class or you could be sent a link to join a class. The benefits of joining a class include the fact that you are notified of any new sets of flashcards, plus you have access to all the flashcard sets ever created for that class.Here's a link to the Spanish and French conversation groups: and respectively.

And let's not forget that Quizlet can be accessed via a mobile, tablet or computer, so you're good to go, wherever you are! So, why not join the classes or save the link so that you can find all previous conversations that we've practiced in our conversation groups...

Lastly, I'd love to hear if you've got any tips on using Quizlet. Put them in the comments box below.

Thanks, Angela

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